USDA Loans

  USDA Loans are mortgages for Homes that are found in Rural areas.  If you are thinking of buying a home in a rural area you can not beat this loan option.  Here are the highlights for:

  1. You may not need a down payment at all. 
  2. And the seller can pay all or some of your closing costs.  This would allow you to get in the home with the least amount of money possible.
  3. You will have very low monthly mortgage insurance.  This will give you an even lower monthly mortgage payment then a conventional loan or a FHA loan.
  4. USDA loan is a government backed loan. 


To qualify for a USDA loan you must meet the income requirements and the home must fall in the designated Rural area.  You would be surprised to see which homes qualify, many fall in areas that you and I would not consider rural.  To find out if a home qualifies check out: USDA.  Call me Today to make sure you are getting the best mortgage possible.